Montgomery Lower Middle School

 6th Grade General  

2017- 2018 General supply list for all 6th grade students:

(Please see below for supply lists for specific teachers.  If you do not see your teacher listed, you may receive a small supply list on the first day of school)

Two (2) - 1 1/2" Binders
Two (2) - Packages of loose leaf paper to last throughout the year
One (1) - pack of hole reinforcements
Two (2) - Packs of dividers (5 tabs per pack)
Two (2) - packs of standard #2 pencils
One (1) - Eraser Caps - Pink - 25 ct
One (1) - block eraser
4 pads of Post-Its (3” x 3” minimum) - 4 x 50 ct
One (1) - two pack of red pens
One (1) - two pack of blue pens
One (1) - three pack of colored highlighters - Chisel Tip

Pencil case or pouch

Hand held pencil sharpener
One (1) - pack of colored pencils - for each of school and home
One (1) - pack of colored markers - for home
Ruler with standard and metric measurements for home
Plastic protractor for home
One (1) - pack of glue sticks or other type of glue for home

Items for specific teachers (please check your schedule when it comes to see if you have any of these teachers. If you have one or more of these teachers, you will need these additional items for their class)


Ms. Brenner - One (1) marble composition notebook (minimum 80 pages), Multi colored pens (2-3 for editing/revising)


Ms. Drozd- Two (2) Marble composition notebooks


Ms. Martinez (ESL) - Two (2) Marble composition notebooks


Ms. Pirone - One (1) marble composition notebook (minimum 80 pages), thin, black sharpies, wipes


Mrs. Pitt - One (1) additional pack of dividers for binder (5 tabs)


Ms. Pungello - One (1) pack of dry erase markers (any size)


Ms. Racioppi - Two (2) Marble composition notebooks and multi-colored pens for editing


Ms. Rangnow - One (1) single subject Five Star plastic covered college ruled spiral notebook


Do Not Purchase:

Zipper Binders/Trapper Keepers
Liquid White Out
Rolling backpacks (they have trouble fitting in the lockers)
Permanent markers

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