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Web Site Resources  

National Association for the Education of Young Children

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Cybrarian (reference site with child safe links)

Scholastic Network Online

Search Tools (Search Engines) for Children

Filtered databases considered "safe" for children, which have been screened by the staff of each organization.

Yahooligans Search Engine for Children K-12

Ask Jeeves for Kids K-12

Scholastic has created a great website for teachers, parents and students.

KidsClick! K-12 (Created by librarians for schools is a subject directory with advanced search features)!

Smart Zone K-12 (Searchable subject directory)

Study Web K-12 (Large database with curricular and special features)

Searchopolis 6-12 (Filtered search engine with daily updates and special features)

Alfy: The Web Portal for Kids PreK-4(Icon driven subject directory for early readers)

Sites for Teachers and Students

Free step-by-step video instructions with printables for a wide array of fun activities for children.
Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators, Students and Parents (Teacher created site with lesson plans, links to curriculum areas, tutorials and much more)
The official site of the 2002 Olympics
Utah Education Network's coverage of the Olympics or then search for Kathy Schrock’s Page

Classroom Connect

The Learning Edge (Top Sites for Kids including Info/Fun Sites, Puzzles/Games, Animals, Museums/Field Trips)

American Library Association Home Page (Site with links to appropriate sites for educators, students and parents)

Berits Best Sites for Kids

Crayola Art Education

Cool Links for Kids

Kid’s Tree House


Phil Reinhardt’s Sites for Educators (Presenter at workshops includes many reference sites for educators)

Kid’s Web (Digital Library for K-12 students)

Internet Public Library Youth Division


Education World

Information Please


Research Paper

Philadelphia News Technology Section

The WWW Virtual Library

Study Web (Includes Study Buddy, a popup window whose icons give instant access to an online calculator, dictionary, measurement converter, phone book and maps)

National Geographic

Diversity University

Public Broadcasting (PBS)

Here are some helpful web sites with excellent descriptions.   They were acquired from an Issue of Curriculum/Technology Quarterly.

Lesson Plans on the Net

  • AskERIC Lesson Plans
    The Educational Research Information Center (ERIC) hosts a wealth of lesson plans contributed by educators. These plans can be searched by content areas such as social studies, health, and physical education. A search of the language arts section of this ERIC site yielded a listing of 11 categories—from spelling and storytelling to journalism and composition—and featured more than 100 language arts lesson plans spanning grades K–12.
  • Collaborative Lesson Archive
    Lesson plans on this University of Illinois site are organized by grade level. A click on 3rd grade, for example, might yield a lesson on weather and one on insects. This site encourages teachers to submit their lesson plans online.
  • McREL
    From Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), this site offers an extensive list of resources that provide lesson plans for all discipline areas, including the arts and technology. There were 119 links under science alone, so you should find plenty of useful information.
  • The New York Times Learning Network
    At the New York Times, you can feel pretty safe about the accuracy and authority of the resources presented. The Learning Network, for grades 3–12, shapes lesson plans around articles that have appeared in the print version of the newspaper. These lesson plans, focusing on current events, are generally most useful in social studies or English classes.
  • Explorer
    The University of Kansas UNITE Group and the Great Lakes Collaborative have been working together for the past seven years to bring educators the Explorer Web site. This site features some great resources for K–12 mathematics and science educators and can be navigated by topical area. You can also search the entire site by key words or phrases.
  • Education World
    "Quick Browse Our Database" comes right up on this site, which offers lesson planning help in all content areas. Education World acts as a warehouse of information and resources to educators, featuring not only lesson plans but also information on education in the news, summer reading lists for students and teachers, and reviews of other education-related Web sites.


WebQuests are online activities that engage students in learning about a topic or problem by posing questions that need to be answered by the class. Students then complete WebQuests, individually or in groups, by using the resources listed. In the process, they become active learners who are on a quest for knowledge.

 Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: WebQuests in Our Future
This site defines the concept of a WebQuest and offers some top-notch examples.

Inquiry-Based Learning

  • Project Approach in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
    Sylvia Chard at the University of Alberta maintains this site, which includes advice on how to select suitable topics for inquiry-based learning, examples of projects from around the world, and links to resources that can help teachers understand and implement project-based learning.
  • The Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project: Project-Based Learning with Multimedia
    San Mateo County Schools in California have long been innovators in education, and this site is an excellent resource for learning more about project-based learning, including how to use it to assess student work and examples and ideas for using it in your classroom.
  • The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)
    The IBO was started more than 25 years ago as a system of education without national bias for children ages 3–18 around the world. The Primary Years Program (PYP) for students ages 3–12 is the newest portion of the program. The PYP is dedicated to helping children become lifelong learners.
  • Project Zero, Harvard University
    Project Zero's mission is to "understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in the arts, as well as humanistic and scientific disciplines." This site includes research projects from Project Zero's graduate education program that aim to provide models for teaching students to think critically and creatively.
  • iwonder
    This inquiry-based learning and teaching Web site includes planning strategies and information about asking good classroom questions. Iwonder includes many links to activities, teaching tools, and other classroom resources.
  • Make It Happen!
    This site, Make It Happen: Integrating Inquiry and Technology into the Middle School Curriculum, is dedicated to interdisciplinary learning. Judy Zorfass, author of the ASCD book Teaching Middle School Students to Be Active Researchers, and the Education Development Center are the developers of this Web site.

Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

  • Tales from the Electronic Frontier
    This site offers an account of 10 teachers' experiences with the Internet in their K–12 science and math classrooms. The educators' colorful reports are complemented by links to Web sites addressing technology issues, tools, resources, and projects.
  • Computers in the Social Studies Journal
    Social studies teachers who would like their students to use the Internet for classroom projects or independent research can point them to this site. Here they'll find an index of 17 topics in the social sciences, with multiple links to related Web sites.
  • The Technology Education Lab
    For a thorough list of online resources on education and technology, go to K12 Educational Resources on this site. This annotated directory has links to Web sites, listservs, newsgroups, and online forums related to curricular applications of technology.
  • Teachers@Work
    This site from New Zealand offers a searchable database of more than 3,000 useful education Web sites that have been reviewed and rated.
  • Teachers Helping Teachers
    Visitors to this site will find teaching ideas and tips for many subject areas, including classroom management. Participate in chat sessions, where you can exchange ideas and concerns with other teachers, or submit your own great ideas to share with others.
  • Busy Teachers' WebSite K–12
    This site offers an extensive and diverse list of subject areas. Archaeology, chemistry, ecology, and paleon- tology are a few of the interesting subjects covered. The Recess section has games that can be played online during those dreaded rainy days.
  • Teacher Tips by Trevor VanTine
    This site offers tips on how to use the Internet in your classroom, provides resources for teachers of gifted and talented students, lists science and history resources, and provides links to sites that offer ideas for lesson plans.

Colonial America Links

Colonial Education

Great site with lots of information

A list of trades with a small amount of research done by children.

A great site for Brickmaker, Blacksmith, Wigmaker, and Silversmith.


Animated Map

Colonial America

Clothing in Jamestown, Southern Colonies


Revolutionary War

PTA Web Links

The internet is an exciting place with many resources to educate and entertain us.  The following sites are related to the Orchard Hill PTA mission or programs.

Inspiration Resources

Below are some web sites that we have compiled to show you how Inspiration and visual learning are being used across the country.

Using Graphical Organizers: Patty Acheycutts, a technology consultant from  AEA 7 in Iowa, developed this web site which focuses on using graphical organizers to construct meaning. This site features teacher created graphical organizers using Inspiration and Kidspiration.

Inspiration and the Web Based Learning Model:  Mary Seamon, Assistant  Superintendent for Instruction at Spartanburg School District 3 in South Carolina, developed this site which focuses on using Inspiration with the Web Based Learning Model.

Example Diagrams:  View diagrams from across the curriculum and  throughout the grade levels.  These diagrams were created by K-12 teachers during a 10-hour workshop at the Putnam County School District in New York.

Inspiration Tutorial:  Bernie Dodge, a professor at San Diego State University and the creator of the WebQuest concept, has developed a comprehensive tutorial on visual organizers using Inspiration.

Review:  A review of Inspiration written by Brad Johnson for the International Electronic Journal For Leadership in Learning, a refereed
academic journal.

Education Research: Classroom Instruction That Works, Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement by Robert J. Marzano, Debra J. Pickering, and Jane E. Pollock

Science Curriculum Examples: Linda Preston of Jefferson County Public School District in Colorado has created a comprehensive science curriculum organization web site with examples.

Why Visual Learning?  Learn more about visual learning and view example lesson plans on the Inspiration website.  Go to and click on Visual Learning.

If you have Inspiration installed on your computer, try the link below to learn information about the day you were born.

The Day I was Born Project

Science Web Sites

Curriculum Resources

National Standards in Science


This site is absolutely perfect to introduce immigration and Ellis Island.  It has pictures of everything we talk about with the kids.  It even has a cookbook of various recipes of famous immigrants

This site is connected to the first site.  It goes through the entire processing process of immigrants through Ellis Island.  From the arrival to the departure to their new homes.

This site is great for basic immigration research.  It has holidays, games and recipes for almost every nationality.  Perfect for easy immigration research.

The Biographical Dictionary -

Lives, the Biography Resource

PBS Biographies



For food go to groliers - Lands and People - type in your country - Then click on the button for recipes in the encyclopedia article.

Other Encyclopedias

Census information needed for graphing

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