Montgomery Township School District

Physical Education Expectations
All students are expected demonstrate healthful sportsmanship and be regularly prepared to participate safely in physical activities, to the best of their abilities.  
I.   Preparation
  •     Students are expected to arrive on time for class, without food, gum or drinks in appropriate physical education clothing.
    •       Gym shorts or sweat pants without belts, buckles, zippers worn at or above the waist.
    •       Long or short sleeve, crew neck T-shirts that can be tucked in, covering the midriff.
    •       Sneakers that are secured to the feet ( no boots, rubber soled shoes, sandals, or slip-      on sneakers)
    •       Only medical ID jewelry may be worn.
II.   Participation
  •    Students are expected to participate, demonstrating effort and focus on the instructional objectives, aimed at skill and health improvement, in a safe and cooperative manner, to the best of their abilities, unless medically excused by the nurse.
III.   Sportsmanship
  • Students are expected to demonstrate respect for property, themselves, and others.
  • Students are expected to play fairly, encouraging others while following rules and guidelines.
  • Students are expected to demonstrate a positive, healthful attitude towards winning and losing.
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