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Congratulations UMS Science Olympiad Team - THIRD in New Jersey!

... By J. Fan
On Tuesday, March 7th, 2017, 31 young scientists boarded the bus all bleary-eyed but excited. Last minute studying and endless chattering could be heard all the way to the Middlesex County Community College, where the NJ Science Olympiad States Competition would take place. This group of talented young students from our very own school, UMS, worked countless hours and late nights preparing for this day. As these students walked around campus, pretending to be college students, they observed, competed, and cheered their team on, lifting the spirits high above the clouds.

There were 27 Regional winner schools competing in the States competition. Our own UMS team sent 20 students out to compete for 24 events. Groups of students could be seen walking in with tense, nervous faces, and coming out with great smiles. Students worked very hard in their events, trying to do the best they can and applying everything they’ve learned into each event. Those with testing events concentrated on getting as many questions as they can right, checking their reference sheet occasionally to make sure they were right. Those with building events carefully brought their structure over and made sure they fit the specifications, testing them over and over if possible and making adjustments to their structure. They would anxiously watch their structure as the official testing began, silently hoping it would come out well. In the end, all their hard work paid off, as they came home with a 3rd place trophy and many, many medals around their necks, along with cheers, smiles, and words of congrats.

Here’s an overview of the placements for each event. 1st place-Bio Process Lab, Wright Stuff; 2nd place-Ecology, Disease Detectives, Food Science, Road Scholar; 3rd place-Fast Facts, Towers; 4th place-Dynamic Planet, Experimental Design, Meteorology, Write it Do it; 5th-Invasive Species, Reach for the Stars, Wind Power; 6th-Crime Busters, Picture This.

Thank you to our coaches, Mrs. Molinaro, Mrs. Butler, and our Math and Science supervisor, Dr. Herte, for their hard work and support of our wonderful UMS Science Olympiad team!

Good luck to our new and improved team next year! 
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